black and white escort photography 

The black and white photography is a strong element which can support the expressiveness of a photo enormously. And is also increasingly becoming a trend in escort photography. It should be said that the more contrast a motif is created, the more artistic glow it gets when it becomes a black and white photo.


A good light and shadow concept and also a longer exposure time as well as structures are essential here.  I believe that black and white photographs are proven photo elements that can be effectively integrated into your online presence or on the social media channels, such as Twitter and Co.


However, your portfolio should not only consist of this artistic type of black and white photography. In the world of escort photography, a nice mix of color and black and white photos is advisable to bring the viewer closer to the different facets of your individuality.


Therefore, I always offer in my escort photography shooting to provide the most beautiful motifs also in black and white for your advertising appearance.  This is virtually in every shooting package with it.  So you can also, for example, the photos in mouseover mode from black and white to color backround on your website. What can be very delightful.

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