FancyEye, was developed and was created, in order to support all ladies, which offer erotic services, in Germany and Europe, with their advertisement and marketing in the best possible way and to provide optimum visualization of your person.

Good to know 

...all about the shooting 

Q: How do I book a shooting ?

A: On my page „Book Shooting“ you can already find some packages for photos and videos that I have worked out. For example for Berlin and Mallorca, I have set dates on which you can arrange a photo session. Simply enter in the booking form under comment the date on which you would like to set it up.

Q: Where will we meet on our foto shooting day

A: Basically it is good to start as early as possible with our photo and/or video session because we will then always have a small time buffer. We would meet in Berlin either in the studio or at the location that I agreed with you and have organized for you in advance. It's a good idea to do the indoor shots first and then the outdoor shots. Depending on the weather conditions, we can decide this flexibly. 

Q: What should I wear or bring along ?

A: In any case outfits in which you feel comfortable. Of course, it should also be the looks you would wear on a date or a booking, for example. High heels or matching shoes and stockings are ideal, but also a nice handbag, some jewelry, or the one or other accessory.

Q: How many people will be on the set ?

A: Normally only the two of us are on the set, indoor or outdoor. But depending on which package you have booked, we may also have a hair and makeup stylist with us. For the Mallorca Special I will also have a photo assistant with me.

Q: How do you make the photos and video available to me afterwards?

A: The finished photos and also the edited video will be made available for download from a data transfer service via a link. This link is active as long as the photos and videos are on my server and until you have completely saved them on your hard drive. I recommend to backup them additionally on an external storage medium, so that you have a backup copy. After complete dowwnload I will delete the photos from my server.

Q: I require discretion regarding my real name.

A: Your data will of course be kept absolutely confidential. You can also book all shootings under your artist name if you prefer. If you would like to claim the costs as business expenses for tax purposes, please ask your tax consultant if it is possible to invoice for your artist name.

Q: What happens if I have to postpone our shooting?

A: If for important reasons you are unable to meet your shooting date, your deposit or payment will be held until we find a new date within the package you have selected. I would suggest up to three new dates in different time windows, so that we can find an alternative date.  If I have to postpone a date and we can't find a new date, any deposit or advance payment will, of course, be refunded without any deduction.

Q: I manage an agency and would like to book one or more shootings. Could you be of service??

A: Absolutely and very gladly. I am looking forward to a request contact. We might as well have a conversation wherein we can discuss the details for an agency shooting,